Toyota Pick Up
Media Blasting Service
Media usage guide
57 Road master hood Approx. 100 lbs. Walnut shell
154 s.f. Steel tubes. Remove oily coating from all four sides to
prepare for powder coating.
Approx. 325 lbs. Medium crushed glass
Large gears from Delaware river lock.
Approx. 300 lbs. Crushed glass
55 Chevy cab Approx 250 lbs crushed glass
Plow Blade
Plow blade / front and back blasted
approx. 450 lbs. Crushed glass
Military items Approx. 160 lbs. Crushed glass
Oil drum/ roaster Approx. 300 lbs. Crushed glass
Small out Drive approx. 50 lbs. Soda
Aluminum golf cart frame.
No paint. Moderate corrosion removal
Approx. 100 lbs. Medium crushed glass
Aluminum diamond plate eight foot ramps.  
Thin film of unknown coating.
Approx. 100 lbs medium crushed glass
Frame rack
Approx. 600 lbs crushed glass
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Aluminum out drive Approx.  60 lbs crushed glass