Crushed Glass:
Crushed glass is our abrasive of choice.
It is inert with no free silica and so it is safe for the environment and people who may be near a blasting operation. It is quite effective at
removing rust and paint coatings. It also works well for cleaning brick or stone to improve its appearance or to remove graffiti.
We stock it in both a medium and a very fine grade.
The dust that is created will not harm that which it may settle on. If left on the ground it will work its way harmlessly in to the dirt and grass
and it can be swept up from hard surfaces.
Walnut shell is a softer media which can be used to remove paint from more delicate surfaces such as fiberglass without harming
chrome or glass, but will not remove rust. The advantage of this media is that no special cleaning is needed after blasting to have your
corvette or boat bottom repainted. It is also a good choice for wood or brick when clean up is not desirable as the walnut is
biodegradable and will eventually disappear after enough rain and time passes.
Sodium bicarbonate: "Soda" Blasting
Soda is the softest of the blast medias. It works differently than an abrasive by exploding on a surface, which separates the bonds of a
coating to its substrate. It has the advantage of being water soluble. Soda can be used to degrease equipment without harming wiring
and hoses and will not cause blockage or damage to moving parts like pistons and gears and is safe on chrome and glass. It is the
same product used in baking, but is formulated in to crystals shaped best for blasting. When used to clean up smoke damage it helps
to absorb odors just as a small box placed in your refrigerator at home would. Some troubles with soda is that it has a high ph value.
There can be quite a bit of dust, like a cloud of smoke, from blasting with it. The dust has some potential to harm auto paint if not
washed off and it can also harm grass and some types of bushes. Although it is often used to remove paint from fiberglass we now
recommend walnut to avoid the extensive cleaning needed to assure good paint adhesion.
Choosing Media:
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