General Information
What is involved:
There is a fair bit of set up for a cleaning which will include the need to be on all
levels of the home at various times, as well as trips to and from the truck for
equipment. Free access to all spaces which contain an air way will be required.
The electricity will remain on allowing for normal activities.
Before your appointment, please consider moving anything very close to an air way which may be
particularly fragile, valuable or might obstruct access by tools or a step ladder. Duct Boss will use great
care when working around or handling such things as necessary, but can not be responsible in the
event that damage occurs to these "non fixed" items during normal and necessary operations.
Kids and Pets:
If you have young children, they can remain in the home during the cleaning. Please be sure they are
kept away from the main vacuum assembly and any other equipment to avoid injuries or work stoppage.
Pets will usually avoid the areas being worked on and present no problems. Doors will be kept closed
or sealed during the procedure when possible but will of course need to be opened periodically so any
pet which represents a flight risk would be better off secluded for the day to a space with out an air way
such as a walk in closet or kept in carriers to be sure.
Do we use any chemicals?
All duct cleanings are accomplished with what is known as a "push pull" method where a strong vacuum
is on one end and forced air is used at the other to brush blow and force dust and contaminants out of
the system.
No chemicals will be used for this type of cleaning.
How much time will it take?
Air duct cleaning varies in time with the size and complexity. You should set aside four to six hours on
average. To avoid conflicts it is best to " give the day" to the cleaning.
Thanks again for your time.
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