Competitor Test Questions
After reading how the Duct Boss true reverse cleaning works, these questions will help you
to compare our service to other industry standard companies.
1-  Speaking only about the branch lines, will debris first be removed, or blown further inward?
2-  Will you need to go through each room  on each floor for the supplies and then take all of your
equipment back through the entire home again to service the returns? If the answer is "NO"
You must ask how they intend to hook the vacuum hose to just one side at a time, yet
expect to have suction at both supplies and returns simultaneously?
3-  Speaking only of the branch lines, will you be able see debris as it is cleaned away?  If the
answer is NO, then you must ask how many passes with the equipment will each branch
require to be free of debris, and besides a guess, or saying " our equipment is the best"
how will they actually know?
4-  is it possible to damage the air handler when blowing air backwards? If NO, ask how they
expect loosened debris being pushed down a (supply) branch to not become lodged in
the AC coils which are designed to be protected by the normal direction of air flow being
outward, after the filter and not unnaturally, back over the top of the unit?  

5-    Understanding that their system is based upon not removing debris, but instead just hoping
it is piling up in the mains, what exactly happens when their air lines simply can't make it all
the way, as often occurs? With debris now stuck at the end of the air lines reach, what will
happen to it? The answer can't be " Our equipment is the best" We get all the way every
time" That's nice but obviously not the case. So once again, what happens to that debris?

6-   Because your backward air system is based upon a strong negative air flow, will you
guarantee a page of note book paper will stick to the wall at each return vent , showing a
strong vacuum?

7-     I am not certain if my home's main lines are internally insulated. I understand that if they
have this carpet like lining that they are much harder to blow any debris out of. You haven't
asked me about this. Do you normally inspect the mains first before adding even more debris,
possibly making a worse situation, and what will you do differently if you find insulation?
Lower End.
1- I understand that the main lines require a very different process to clean. Please explain  your

              Here is what to look for  
Access holes should be large enough to look up in to the main with a camera or periscope and a light,
while providing plenty of room to fully manipulate the cleaning rods. The idea is to actually clean out the
main. This can't be done through a quick and easy one inch hole.

The negative air vacuum hose may need to be mounted in multiple positions at intersections for effective
cleaning. If the air handler is between two runs of main, for instance, it is necessary to re position the
vacuum hose so debris is not blow over top of the air handler.

Semi rigid rods are the only acceptable cleaning tools for large spaces. The flexible air lines used
correctly for the branch lines, will wiggle violently in larger spaces. The lines will curl up and become stuck
in a loop or even reverse direction. This may not be apparent when viewing. An operator will continue
to feed the hose in to the one inch hole. While twenty feet may have passed in to the main, the hose
has not traveled along the main but is only balling up unseen.
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