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"Do I really need to have my duct work cleaned?"
I hear this quite a bit, and the answer, quite simply, is no.

That being said, here are some before and after pictures from a
few of my customers' homes, who are quite grateful they did.
Duct work comes in many configurations, and can vary from one type to another with
in a single job.
The Duct boss singularly unique approach in placing larger cleaning access ports,
which are directly combined with the vacuum connection point, using one of a kind
custom apparatus, provides full viewing and maneuverability to the operator, for
optimal removal of contaminates as well as inspection by the consumer. The more
nimble and slimmer hose, used only by Duct Boss, trades the slow pulling of air
(relying on high C.F.M) , for incredible P.S.I. suction instead, and makes multiple
connection points easy, which are often needed to access the many intersections
and hard to reach lengths of mains in some homes. The out date industry standard
of connecting a far too large and cumbersome hose to one location, without regard
to the particular HVAC configuration and blindly attempting to clean a thirty foot main
from the other side through a one inch whole with no visual reference is the only
method nearly all other "duct cleaners" have at their disposal. They have been using
this "blind and back ward" method as the proper equipment does not exist for sale in
any duct cleaner's supply house and is in fact an unknown procedure to them.
Check out this action. First rate suction and cleaning! Full view of air ways
Note: Vacuum and cleaning point are connected for visual conformation of cleaning
Duct board or fiberglass airways can be safely cleaned without damage to the sealed interior coating.
Duct Boss custom duct board vacuum flange for flush mount attachment.

No other service has any kind of connector system for duct board. Their hose will be
pushed five inches up in to the space to hold it where it will become a barrier, keeping
heavy debris on the floor from entering the vacuum.
Internally insulated steel duct work
Wooden joist and steel construction
Full steel construction
Floor vents do not only contain light weight dust, which can be blow blindly back ward and deeper in to a system
and "float" maybe over one hundred feet to a vacuum placed in the basement. These photos show some of the
heavy debris that did not get sucked up directly during a proper reverse cleaning. All other services would have
blown air down in to the system where this same debris would simply pile up out of sight at the farthest point their
cleaning tool could reach. Both you and they would be none the wiser as no one could have seen it was there in
the first place when working back ward and blindly. Only the Duct Boss reverse cleaning system allows for the most
thorough removal of heavy debris
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