A dryer duct cleaning service is offered as one important step in preventing a dryer
related fire. There are many other factors which may also contribute to unsafe
conditions. A dryer cleaning is in no way intended as a guarantee against a fire event
with out regard to the final determination of cause of such an event.
By scheduling a service you intend to hold Duct Boss harmless for any such fire
related event without regard to the determination of cause. Additionally, it should be
noted that Duct Boss will assume no responsibility for repairs required  do to
improperly installed duct work, should connections, which are inaccessible become
detached or damaged by the cleaning process.
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A fully cleaned dryer vent line

Saves   electricity
Saves   wear on clothes
Saves   Wear on your dryer
Saves you money
And reduces the risk of fires
A standard dryer service may take thirty minutes and up
to two hours to complete and is charged at flat rate which
includes labor neccesary to clean your system as best as
possible, this may include working with ladders or in the
atic and basement where it may be necessary to
disassemble the vent for propper service, as well as
clamps, connectors and tapeing as needed. Larger
parts, such  as transition hoses and angle connectors will
be an add on.