What are the instructions for using Pretty Litter?
Pour the entire contents of the Pretty Litter bag in to a clean litter box. Ensure at least two inches of depth covers the entire surface of
the litter box.
Pretty Litter absorbs urine and traps odor. The water in the urine evaporates, hygienically sealing the urine in the tiny microgels.
Remove your cat's feces every day. With the feces sitting in the scooper, shake the remaining litter in the scooper back over the litter
box to retain the litter granules. Throw the feces away. Only toss the feces.  The urine moisture evaporates.
Thoroughly mix the litter every day to avoid saturating the same spots in the litter box that cats prefer to urinate in. Thoroughly mixing
the litter will make it easier for you to spot color change and keep Pretty Litter's health indicators operating at full capacity.
Pretty Litter granules will continue to be effective throughout the month, evaporating moisture allowing more urine to be absorbed and
odors continuously trapped. Pretty Litter health indicators will work just as well on Day 20 as it does on Day 1.
After a month's use, empty the entire litter box content in to a trash bag. If there is any residue on the bottom of the litter box, clean the
litter surface before pouring in your new supply of Pretty Litter.
Regularly check the color of the litter. Shades of dark yellow and olive green are an indication of normal health. If you notice any other
colors thoroughly mix the litter and monitor your cat's Pretty Litter closely over the next 24 to 48 hours. If color change persists you
should consider consulting your Veterinarian.
How does 3 pounds of litter last an entire month?
Pretty Litter uses highly absorbent silica microgels. Silica is a naturally occurring element that traps odors, absorbs liquid and
evaporates humidity. With tens of thousands of highly absorbent microgels in each Pretty Litter bag, your cat can continue to urinate in
the litter all month long without needing to toss it out. The urine's odor is trapped and the moisture evaporates. All you need to do is
toss the feces out. As a result, Pretty Litter doesn't need to clump because you do not need to throw out the urine. Its moisture
evaporates in the microgels. Compare that to clumping clay litter. Clumping litter uses a chemical agent known as bentonite to create
the attraction between litter and waste. As you toss the clumps out you are also tossing the litter attached to it. As a result, you need to
keep replenishing the litter box with more litter throughout the month. On average, it takes close to 20 pounds of clay clumping litter to
provide a one month supply in one litter box. In addition to the extra weight, clay clumping litter is dusty and awful at scent control. That
dust can be harmful to you cat's respiratory system. Furthermore, the bentonite clumping chemical expands to 15 times its volume and
forms an insoluble mass when it contacts liquid. It does the same thing when cats ingest it as they groom themselves after using the
litter box. Also, clumping clay clogs our landfills and is not biodegradable. Pretty Litter's silica microgels are dust free in the litter box
and is safe for your cat.
What do the colors indicate?
Pretty Litter color changes may indicate a host of potential health issues.

Orange or Brown: detection of bilirubin which may indicate liver issues such as bile duct obstruction (cholestasis), gallstones, liver
inflammation or pancreatitis.

Red: detection of blood which may indicate Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD), Crystals (Crystalluria) or Interstitial Cystitis.
In rarer cases it can also mean bladder cancer, an internal injury, poison ingestion, and/or if it's a female cat over four months old who
hasn't been spayed, she may be in heat.

Blue: high alkaline which may indicate either FLUTD, Struvite Crystal formations or kidney issues.

Green: abnormal acidity which may indicate either FLUTD, calcium oxalate crystals, urinary blockage in males or kidney issues.

Any color other than a golden yellow or olive green may mean you need to take your cat to your local Veterinarian.

Sometimes temporary color changes can occur as a result of a new diet, changes in environment or temporary stresses that may
cause a cat's pH levels to elevate or drop. If you see a color change, observe the litter over the next 24 to 48 hours. If the color
change persists, consider taking your cat to their Veterinarian for a wellness visit. Use the color changes above as a guide to point
your Vet in the right direction. Only a licensed Veterinarian can diagnose any specific issue.
Is Pretty Litter safe for my cat?
Pretty Litter is feline-safe and eco-friendly. The litter is not absorbed by the bowel, does not swell in the presence of humidity and
poses no risk in blocking the digestive tract. In contact with water and gastric fluid it will become a very fine powder and will be
eliminated naturally. Even in cases of involuntary ingestion, Pretty Litter presents no danger and is completely safe.
Can Pretty Litter be used for multi-cat households?
Absolutely. In fact, many Pretty Litter customers are multi-cat homes. If you have more than one cat sharing the same litter box and
you see a color change, Pretty Litter recommends having a spare litter box and bag of Pretty Litter available so can temporarily
separate your little ones' bathroom use to isolate and easily identify which cat may be having an issue.
What size litter box is Pretty Litter designed for?
Each bag of Pretty Litter is designed for a medium or "average" size litter box. It will provide two inches of depth. If you use a larger
litter box you may want to consider buying the two bag discounted bundle in order to have extra litter to provide proper surface depth.
How many bags do I need?
Each bag of Pretty Litter is designed to last one month for one cat in a medium size litter box. If you have several cats sharing the
same litter box, fill that litter box with each bag representing each cat. For example, if three cats share an extra large litter box, pour
three bags of Pretty Litter into that box. It will last you one month for your three cats.
Is Pretty Litter diagnostic?
When you see a change in color you should monitor your cat's health closely and if color change persists you should consult your
local veterinarian. Pretty Litter provides a possible early detection for illness, not a diagnosis. A diagnosis can only come from a
licensed Veterinarian. If you experience a color change, wait 24 to 48 hours and continue to monitor your cat’s litter. If the color
change persists then take your cat to your local Veterinarian.
Is it possible for the color to change even if nothing is wrong?
Cats are sensitive creatures and their health can be affected by normal life events like a change in food, weather or short-term
stress. These circumstances can make its way to a cat’s urine affecting its pH levels. We suggest monitoring your cat’s Pretty Litter
to see if color change persists. If after 24 to 48 hours color change persists, Pretty Litter recommends taking your cat to your local
Will my cat have any problem using Pretty Litter?
Any issues with your cat using Pretty Litter are highly unlikely. Pretty Litter is safe, natural and feels like most litters. Whenever you
switch litters it is normal if your cat takes a day or two to adapt. While very rare, if you experience any issue with your cat adapting to
Pretty Litter start by filling the litter box with 50% of their old litter and 50% Pretty Litter. Gradually your cat will become used to Pretty
Litter and you can stop adding their old litter.
How much of Pretty Litter should I use to last a month?
Pretty Litter’s 3-lb bags last an entire month for a medium sized cat. Just pour the entire bag in to your freshly cleaned litter box. It is
recommended to use at least 3 inches depth lining the litter tray. Fortunately, an insufficient amount of litter depth will not influence
Pretty Litter’s functionality. Either way, it’s best for your cat to have at least 2 inches of depth which one bag of Pretty Litter will
provide for a medium sized cat in a litter box fitting their size.
Will Pretty Litter work in my self cleaning automated litter box?
Pretty Litter works in most automated self-cleaning boxes. Pretty Litter's microgels have the texture of sand and is similar in texture to
fine crystal litters. As long as your automated box can work with other crystal litters, Pretty Litter will work great in an automated
self-cleaning litter box.
What if my cat is bigger than a medium sized cat?
If your cat is larger and you have a larger litter box as a result, then buy an extra bag of Pretty Litter and use just half of that bag
along with the first bag. If you have a cat that loves to dig, that extra bag will get you to at least 3 inches of litter lining the surface of
the tray.
What do I do with the waste?
Pretty Litter traps the urine and odor while releasing the moisture. The only waste you need to dispose of is solid excrement. When in
contact with Pretty Litter, the humidity in excrement is immediately absorbed, which traps odors and dries up the feces making it easier
to remove with a litter scoop. Just throw it away like you normally would.
How is it that Pretty Litter is so much lighter than most other kitty litters?
Pretty Litter’s patented technology traps odors and urine and has an absorption rate of 150%. What that means is Pretty Litter can be
used over and over throughout a month to trap odors and liquid. That is why Pretty Litter avoids the need to be a clumping litter.
Clumping Litter turns urine into larger hard clumps that need to be consistently thrown out. This requires more litter, making bags
heavier and your need to replace litter more frequently. Pretty Litter only requires you to dispose of fecal waste so our non-clumping
formula lasts an entire month at just 3-lbs a bag. Compare that to two trips to the market each month accumulating 20-lbs of litter.
Pretty Litter saves you hassle and money.
How do I make sure I am using Pretty Litter correctly?
Pretty Litter is designed for very easy use. But to ensure that you have a full one-month supply without odors you need to remove
feces frequently, using your scooper to remove any excess litter allowing it to fall back into the litter box. Once you’ve removed the
waste just thoroughly mix the litter with your scooper.

Cats have a tendency of urinating in the same area of the litter box; therefore it is necessary to mix the litter so that it is not always the
same granules that receive urine.

The yellow color of the crystals may cause you to think that they are no longer efficient but it’s not true. Pretty Litter crystals stay
yellow because the pigments, ammonia and the odors are trapped but the humidity evaporates and the granule is functional again.
Just use the litter like you normally would for a month by disposing of cat feces frequently and mixing the litter.
If the color change tracks outside the litter box, will color get on the floor?
Pretty Litter silica gels absorb and traps urine and changes color internally. If any litter makes its way outside the litter box the color is
trapped inside the granules. There is no issue with color getting on anything.
Where is Pretty Litter made and what are its ingredients?
Pretty Litter is created, designed and shipped from California. Pretty Litter is manufactured responsibly in China from silica gel using
carefully selected silica mineral sources.  In addition, our manufacturing facility uses the highest quality controls and leaves a low
carbon foot print.  Silica gel is translucent, micro-pored structure, that is a raw material derived from silica, a naturally occurring
mineral. The silica gels are additionally dried and screened, forming the macro-pored silica gel which is used as a highly efficient and
clean absorbent.  Our patented health indicators are distributed at an exact ratio within the silica gels to test for acidity, alkalinity,
blood and bilirubin levels.  The health indicators are made from natural materials that use a reagent to create the color change if
abnormalities are detected.
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