Instant Repair Tabs for Striped Sheet Rock Screw Holes
If you are a painter or own an air duct cleaning service as I do, no doubt you have run in to loose fitting return vent covers
more times that you can count. Until now there really hasn't been a reliable and instant method to correct the problem,
hang the cover and move on with your work. I have talked with my fellow contractors and I have heard everything from
filling the hole with caulk and going back another day to attempt a re install, to shoving tooth picks in it while the customer
isn't looking. Even the standard plastic inserts won't work for this situation in most cases. They will be too big for the
existing hole and break it out even larger or too small and just slip right out, as well as the screws that hold the vent up
won't match in appearance or even fit in to the sleeve.
Now, with my Undercovers repair tabs you can perform a permanent  professional repair in as little as five
seconds, allowing you to move on with your work knowing that you fixed the problem right and it's not
coming back to you later.
Undercover Patch Kit by DuctBoss
Standard clean hole.
Undercover repair tab in place
and ready for install.
Undercover repair tabs are constructed from a special polymer sheeting and backed with a strong double sided
foam tape. This material makes it possible , with the use of a screw gun or drill, to drive a screw right in to the repair
tab without the need to pre drill.
In some cases the hole may be  significantly enlarged and the top paper layer may be absent
from the sheet rock leaving a rough surface that tends to tear away from the board beneath it.
This situation must be corrected for the repair tabs to perform correctly. A strip of electrical tape
which extends at least two inches on either side of the exposed area must be applied and then
two repair tabs placed over top. This simple technique will "bridge" the damaged area allowing
for a successful and permanent repair.
How They Work
Most times you can simply apply a
tab and re hang the cover
See here how the top paper
layer of the board is missing.
Also the screw hole has been
completely broken away.
Here electrical tape has been
placed over the damage so that
it extends well in to the un
affected areas on each side of
the damage.
When using electrical tape it is necessary that a
second tab be applied over top of the first. This
will take up the extra space behind the cover and
hold the tabs in place while preventing their lifting  
upward as a screw is inserted through the cover.
In the case that a portion of board is missing, a
second tab also limits inward flexing as pressure
is applied during re hanging.
Undercovers are sold in packs of twenty, fifty or one hundred pieces. They will arrive in convenient five piece strips.  A free
two piece sample strip may also be ordered. All orders ship for free with in the continental United States. All orders will be
shipped the same day ,when possible, through standard us mail or will go out the next business day.
Free sample ( two piece set)
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Be sure to use a screw gun
or an electric drill. Use gentle
steady pressure giving the
screw time to bite in to the
Ductboss Undercovers
Fifty piece set
(ten strips)
$14.95 Ships for free
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